Tax planning at domestic and international level

tax legislation open the door for minimising tax burden of tax payers with the proper arrangement of business activities.. It is reasonable to carry out analysis of the tax effects of an invesment or project before the start. A survey of possibilities necessary to carry out in order to define the legal structure that results the smallest tax burden on the tax payer.

Representation in tax audit procedures

Representation of taxpayers in tax audit procedure before first instance of regional directorates of Hungarian Tax and Fiscal Audit Office (APEH), before Directorate of High Taxpayers, representation in instances before the Central Office of APEH, the president of the APEH, and in procedures for surveillance measures before the Ministry of National Economy.

Representation of taxpayers in audits on personal income tax (Wealth inspection, etc), corporate tax, VAT and other taxes conducted by APEH.

Representation in procedure for stance and conditional tax statements

Stances of Tax and Fiscal Audit Office (APEH) and Finance Ministry are important instrument of tax planning. Stances helps tax payers and tax planners to Avoid tax sanctions caused by non-APEH compliant interpretation of tax acts. It is extremly important to ask the right questions and draw up alternatives in the application to get exact stance to utilize in tax planning. Conditional tax statement can also be applied for at FInance Ministry on concrete contract of type of contract.

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