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Tax treaty with Hong Kong

hongkong_kettos_adoztatas_egyezmeny Hungary signed treaty with Hong Kong on prevention of double taxation and tax evasion. The most important effect of the treaty will be that the Hungarian companies shall not apply the 30% witholding tax defined in Hungarian Corporate Tax Act on interest, royalties, and several service fees.
Double taxation treaty with Hong Kong >>>

New tax treaty with the USA

Hungary USA double taxatioan treaty The representatives of Hungary and US signed new treaty on prevention of double taxation and tax evasion. Several provisions of the treaty will affect wide range of economical relationships.

New Hungary - US double taxation treaty >>>

Special applications of smart card systems

Smart card systems can enable card holder to acces to several services. Some of the smart card application are recognised and regulated by law. The two main applications in the recent times are electronic signature and electronic purse...

Special application of smart card systems >>>

Contractual relations of smart card systems

Smart card systems are seldom operated to work with multiple functions and with multiple actors. The relationship with the different actors (card accepters, card issuers, etc.) shall be regulated between the parties...

Contractual relations of smart card systems >>>

Hungarian media law amendments

Recently the parliament of Hungary adopted act amending the acts regulating media.

Hungarian media law amendments >>>

IPTV and Hungarian Media Law

Due to the fast development of technical solutions in the field of communication and data processing the regulation on several topics are faced with soultions can't be or very hard to categorized in traditional definitions...

IPTV and Hungarian Media Law >>>

Frequency usage in Hungary

Radio frequencies are bounded resources. Economic consideration on effective utlization and public interest dictates rules on the utilization of radio frequencis in all countries. Thus Hungarian law also regulates the radio frequency utilization...

Legal background of frequency utilization in Hungary >>>

Tax free real estate investment trusts in Hungary

The lawmaker enacted new legislation introducing real estate investment trust to the Hungarian Law. The new organisation form is designed to pursue real estate investments free of tax. The real estate investment trust may acquire real estates both in and outside Hungary and can be a new tax planning vehicle for real estate investments...

Tax free real estate investment trust in Hungary >>>

Green field investments in Hungary

Establishing new manufacturing, assembling or logistic capacities is always subject to complex economic and legal considerations. Several financial, labour law and licensing viepoints should be considered...

Green field investments in Hungary >>>

Real estate acquisition in Hugary

Real estate is a traditional value conservating investment form, and real estate developing make real profit for the investor. Acquiring real estate is regulated by law in every country...

Real estate acquisition in Hungary>>>

Development tax allowance in Hugary

Hungary supports large investments with tax allowance. The tax allowance is available for both domestic and foreign owned enterprises fulfilling the requirements of Corporate Tax Act.

Development tax allowance>>>

Legislation on cut-backs

csoportos_letszamleepites For numeroues enterprises is of vital interest to reallocate their assests and reorganize their business activity to reduce their operating costs. Cut-back is an important mean of cost reducing that is regulated by labour law.
(the article is available only in Hungarian)

legislation on cut-back >>>

Joint stock company formation in Hungary

The company in formation in Hungary became fast and cost-effective with simplified electronic procedure. The tax system of Hungary, the lack of withholding taxes on payments to foreign countries made the Hungarian company formation very attractive for foreign businessman and enterpreneurs.

Joint stock company formation in Hungary >>>

Legislation on financial services in Hungary

Financial services are regulated in most of the jurisdictions. It is hardly recommended to evaluate a service if it is deemed to be financial service and classify in the terms of legislation. Law requires license from the authorities and in most of the cases other requirements are have to meet to provide financial services.

Legislation on financial services in Hungary >>>

New online gambling legislation in Hungary

Hungary adopted new online gambling legislation...

Contractual relations of smart card systems >>>

Electronic invoicing in Hungary

Electronic invoing enables the companies to save costs on their processes both on the side vendor and supplier. The Hungarin law enables the issuance of e-invoices with several controls in the regualtion

Electronic invoicing and retention of electronic invoices in Hungarian Law >>>

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